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womens bra choosing the best

Womens Bra choosing the best lingerie underwear


Side Support Bras
If your bust is full, side bras are a pleasant choice because they design to provide better support. What makes these bras special is their extra-wide reinforced side panels. These panels provide you with additional lift and support. While also providing you with an excellent forward projection effect, helping you feel safer all day long. By choosing a bra with such side support panels, you can enjoy exquisite shapes and flattering smooth silhouettes. Whether you are wearing a flat top or a stunning evening dress and turning your head. This sculptural top is the ideal choice, making this underwear style a versatile option to add to your collection.

Sports Bras

A good sports bra is a must-have for all women! Even a light activity like a daily walk may require one! Wearing a sports bra not only helps to support the breast but also provides excellent fixation! Designed for the most intense sports, our sports bra is at your service! Sturdy, supportive and elegant, without compromising comfort! Find the perfect sports bra now from popular brands such as Panache, Freya, Shock, Absorber and more!


Strapless Bras
It is always a marvelous idea to have at least one strapless or multi-use bra in the underwear drawer. It can customize them to suit a variety of clothing. This can achieve by removing the belt or re-fixing the belt. Many of our strapless bras equip with removable straps, allowing you to choose whether to wear them. All you need is a strapless bra because you can change the belts and wear them as usual. The curved Kate Luxe is also an excellent choice for fuller busted women. Because it provides powerful support and can lift the H cup.

T-shirt Bras

A T-shirt bra is a must-have underwear every day. With seamless cups, even if they are tight, it will hide under the clothes. Most T-shirt bras have a thin liner under the cup cover. This helps make the bust more rounded and lift the chest. Belle Lingerie offers a variety of T-shirt bras and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

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