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About almamis it is the reverse word of Simamla where I was born and attended primary and secondary school. As I matured I traveled to Manila seeking good fortune but failed. Now I am a senior and spending time blogging to sustain my expenses. 

As a fashion and travel enthusiast. I created this blog to share my passion for both fashion and exploring new destinations. Through my blog, I aim to provide readers with valuable insights into the latest fashion trends. Styling tips, and outfit inspirations that are suitable for unique travel experiences. I rely on my extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and personal experience of traveling to various countries. To offer an informed perspective on how fashion can integrate into one’s travel adventures. From showcasing the must-have wardrobe essentials for specific climates. To recommend stylish yet comfortable footwear options for city exploration or outdoor activities. My blog is about to serve as a reliable source of information for fashion-forward travelers who seek inspiration for their journeys. Join me on this exciting journey where we combine style and wanderlust!


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