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womens bra choosing the best

Womens Bra choosing the best lingerie underwear

Longline Bras

Our longline bras are very popular, and it’s easy to see why. These designed bras provide additional coverage and shape to help you get the look you need. They do not end under the breastbone, but extend down to the waist, providing a softer silhouette. They also help to lengthen the torso and give people appear a taller figure. This style of underwear is also versatile. Whether you want to stay safe while wearing a simple T-shirt. Or want to surprise yourself with a beautiful ball gown, a long bra is all you need.

Mastectomy & Post Surgery Bras
Our choice of mastectomy and post-operative bra will provide the best comfort and ensure you consider safe. Our mastectomy and surgery have good coverage and trend design can provide a variety of colors to suit your wardrobe. Choose nude and light colors so they don’t appear under work clothes. Or choose black colors to compliment your evening wear.

Intimate Wear

Moulded Bras
To become comfortable, it must a moulded cup bra. The cups in the molded bras made in a machine that uses heat and molds to produce a fixed shape. This gave them a beautiful round design, which felt good to wear and provide appearance fuller and more cheerful bust.
Another benefit a molded cup bra has no seams, which means they can maintain a smooth appearance under clothing. You can choose designs with or without padding. If you want more lifting power or improved neckline, the padded option is great.

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