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Basics Tools for Beginners – Manual Garments Pattern Making

If you intend to be a successful garment pattern maker which you think required a college degree. Then the assumption is definitely wrong. You don’t need to be a college degree holder to become a successful pattern maker. Many undergraduates in high school can do this job perfectly. This job only required a simple knowledge of math, division, addition, and subtraction. The basic standard thought in elementary grade.

To begin with, make yourself be familiar with basic tools and the rest will become simple. Another thing is to apply common sense. Good judgment and find a better solution when you meet a problem.

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Here are the Basic Tools:

Rule Pattern Making System

  • Complete sets of measurement specifications of the base sample, trims, accessories, and special instructions.
  • Cutting Table – Plain smooth for draping
  • Pattern Paper – use for first draping
  • Hard paper – use for transferring paper pattern for marker making, Use finished pattern/sewing guide
  • Tape – Used to hold a paper edge,
  • Puncher- Used to make a hole for tying
  • Tape dispenser – Holder of tape to roll smooth.
  • Stapler- Use for joining patterns, papers, etc.
  • Tailor square – Used to make straight lines, Shortcut for measuring 1/8inch., 1/4inch., 1/2inch., and 3/4inch.
  • Grade Rule- Many uses, straight lines, creating seam allowance, grading by 1/8inch., 1/4inch., 3/8inch., 1/2inch., 5/8inch.,3/4inch., 7/8inch. and 1inch.
  • Compass Ruler- Use for making a circle, but most important is to mark the seam allowance.
  • Scissors- used to cut paper and any other light materials.
  • Pierce small holes, sharp-pointed – Used to transfer point below the pattern, especially for tracing paper pattern
  • French curve – Different sizes for the different curves, most use in armhole, neck.
  • Eraser – Pencil error remover
  • Tape Measure- Used to measure numbers and centimeters.
  • Tailor’s curve – Used to make a figure in waistline, hips, thigh, bottom, sleeves.
  • Adjustable Ruler – make used to measure with exact results of numbers
  • Notcher – This one is used for the hard paper to create a sign as joint or symbols
  • Triangle Ruler- You assured of reliable balance vertical and horizontal straight lines.
  • Pencil Sharpener –The name itself
  • Pencils/marker pen/Technical pen 0.5 – for marking, creating lines, tracing lines, writing, etc.
  • Dust brush – remove dust on your table.
  • Trace wheel – tools to trace the pattern with many pointed sharp end in shape wheel.
  • Wire staples – A set of the stapler.

Pattern Maker Tools

Sewing Patterns & Fashion Styles

Above list covers only a part of many tools used in pattern making. Many skilled garments makers used only the least of the tools listed. A tape measure, grading ruler, pencil, eraser, scissor, cutter, triangle ruler, notcher, hole puncher. A set of the stapler, papers, tables, and measurement specs.

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