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Men Shirt Block Pattern Making: Body Measurements Explained

Men Shirt Block Pattern Making: Body Measurements Explained. Human clothing is created by people who have a passion for fashion design. Fashion designer and pattern maker create their design on a different strategy. Starting how to create a block pattern of the shirt is simple and easy. First, use a triangle to create a line vertical and horizontal. The starting point is A to B is the vertical line and A to C is the center front. F3 down B6 and F6 B7 is placket overlap for the button closure.

Make and measure A down to C to get your HPS Length ( the highest point of measurements). Then A forward to B is the half of shoulder measurements. A to D is 2 3/8″ distance. Inline, DE adds 1 1/2″ to line B5 and E same as from DE to F5 and F4. This becomes the shoulder seam with a drop seam of 1 1/2″. The back yoke line is B1 -B2 yoke height B2 curve B4 connect to EB-B5-D end to B1. A and B1 are back neck drop, B1-D, and B5 are the back neck circumference. From A to B2 is front neck drop, F3 to F4 is front neck circumference.

Men Shirt Block Pattern Measurements

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Back From B6 down to B7 folded become the center back. B7 connect to H connect to F and curve then connect to B3 and end at B6.

Back Yoke B2 connects to B4 curve and connects to B to B5 curve D and then end to B1 folded.

Front F1 and F3 and F2 F6 are the double fold Placket allowance. F3 connect to F6 connect to H connect to F. make a curve to N1 and connect to F5 to F4 then curve to F3 and then end to F1.

Sewing Pattern, Paper


28″- Length from center back B1 and C total.

18 1/4″- Across Shoulder A and B (1/2″)

42- Bust /Chest (Circumference) (1/4″) from F to an imaginary line of F3 and F6

42- Bottom Sweep (Circumference) (1/4″) from F to an imaginary line of F3 and F6

8 1/2″-Back neck seam B5, D, B1 curve.

8 1/4″- front neck seam F3 to F4 curve.

3/4″-Back neck drop from HPS

Front neck drop from HPS is 3 1/2″

3 3/8″- Yoke seam from HPS

20 1/4″-Armhole Circumference Total from F, B, and F5.

Men Shirt

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Men Shirt Block Pattern Making

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