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Gerber Accumark for garments productions

Gerber Accumark Software for Garment Production

Collaboration and Communication

Accumark Software includes features that facilitate collaboration and communication among team members, designers, pattern makers, and manufacturers within the fashion and garment industry. Effective collaboration and communication are essential for efficient and error-free garment production. Here’s how Accumark Software supports these aspects:

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Accumark often provides real-time collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. This means that designers, pattern makers, and other stakeholders can collaborate in real time, making changes and updates visible to all team members.
  • User Roles and Permissions: The software typically includes role-based access control, where administrators can assign specific roles and permissions to users. This ensures that each team member has the appropriate level of access and control over the project data.
  • Commenting and Annotation: Accumark allows users to add comments, annotations, and notes to patterns, markers, and related data. This feature is valuable for providing feedback, clarifications, and instructions within the software.
  • File Sharing: Users can share pattern files, marker layouts, and other project-related data directly within the Accumark environment. This simplifies the process of sharing and collaborating on important project assets.
  • Version Control: Version control features help track changes made to patterns and markers. Users can easily compare different versions of a pattern and revert to previous versions if needed, ensuring data integrity during collaborative work.


  • Notifications: Accumark often provides notification features that alert users to important updates and changes within the software. This keeps team members informed about project progress and ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  • Collaboration History: Users can view a history of changes and updates made to a project, including who made the changes and when. This audit trail helps track the evolution of a design and facilitates communication.
  • Integration with Communication Tools: Some versions of Accumark may integrate with external communication tools such as email and messaging apps, making it easier for team members to communicate directly from within the software.
  • Secure Data Sharing: Accumark emphasizes data security, ensuring that shared project data is protected and only accessible to authorized users. This is particularly important when collaborating with external partners or contractors.
  • Virtual Fittings: In the context of 3D simulation, Accumark allows for virtual fittings and evaluations. Team members can assess garment fit and design aesthetics collaboratively without the need for physical prototypes.

Effective collaboration and communication features in Accumark Software help streamline the garment production process, reduce errors, and enhance overall productivity. By allowing team members to work together seamlessly and communicate efficiently, Accumark contributes to better design outcomes and faster time-to-market for fashion and apparel businesses.

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