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Gerber Accumark for garments productions

Gerber Accumark Software for Garment Production

Gerber Accumark Pattern Design

Accumark Software is a popular choice in the fashion and garment industry for pattern design and related tasks. It’s a comprehensive software suite that includes various tools and features tailored to the needs of pattern makers and designers. Here’s a closer look at Accumark Software for pattern design:

  • Pattern Creation: Accumark allows pattern makers to create digital patterns from scratch. Users can draw and define pattern pieces, specifying measurements and details.
  • Digitizing: For patterns that exist in physical form (on paper or cardboard), Accumark offers digitizing capabilities. This involves scanning the physical pattern and converting it into a digital format, making it easier to modify and store.
  • Grading: Grading is a critical aspect of pattern design. Where different sizes of a pattern are created based on a master pattern. Accumark supports grading to ensure that the sizes maintain proper proportions and grading rules.
  • Pattern Modification: The software enables pattern makers to modify existing patterns quickly. This includes making adjustments for fit, style changes, or other design alterations.
  • Pattern Libraries: Accumark provides a way to organize and manage pattern libraries. Pattern makers can store and retrieve patterns efficiently, which is essential for maintaining a structured and accessible pattern database.
  • Visualization and Simulation: Accumark may offer visualization tools that allow users to see how patterns will look when constructed into garments. This helps in assessing design aesthetics and fit before physical prototypes are created.
  • Measurement Charts: The software often includes tools for creating and managing measurement charts, which are essential for ensuring accurate sizing and fit across different garments.

Gerber Accumark

  • Collaborative Features: Accumark may have collaboration features that enable pattern makers to work together on the same project simultaneously, facilitating team collaboration and design iteration.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with other software and hardware commonly used in the garment production workflow, such as marker-making software and cutting machines.
  • File Formats: Accumark typically supports various file formats for pattern data, making it possible to exchange data with other software and systems.

Overall, Accumark Software is a powerful tool for pattern makers in the garment industry. It helps streamline the pattern design process, improve accuracy, and enhance collaboration among team members. However, as with any software, it may have a learning curve, and users often benefit from training to make the most of its capabilities. Additionally, its suitability may vary depending on the specific needs of a fashion or garment production business.

Gerber accumark compatible plotter works with all cad. Lectra,Tukatech,Optitex
Gerber accumark compatible plotter works with all cad. Lectra,Tukatech,Optitex
Gerber accumark compatible plotter works with all cad. Lectra,Tukatech,Optitex

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