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What to check when buying vintage clothing

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So vintage clothing will never go out of style. As with any other clothing, there are a few things to consider when buying vintage clothing. A distinctive feature of today’s clothing is that almost any style seems to work. If it fits the person’s sense of fashion, and if the person feels very comfortable and confident in their dress. The dress will show as it came out of the fashion icon’s wardrobe. Clothes that have been popular for decades or even centuries will consider very optimistic if they matched. Here are some of them.

First, you should always check the size of the clothes you are going to buy, by trying on the clothes. When buying any type of clothing, you must first try on the size and then pay. This saves the buyer the trouble of going back to the store to change clothes to a larger or smaller size. What if you want to take vintage clothing networked? That’s not a question. All you have to look at is to inquire the vendor for the true proportion of these attires. But before that, buyers must know their body size. The important thing is to buy what works for you now, not next week or next month. Some people make the mistake of buying something too small and think they can lose weight, but they don’t; this means that you are just wasting money on clothes that you can’t even wear. If unique vintage clothing, it will be a waste. In short, buy what is right for you now.

vintage clothing

In addition, when choosing a size. It’s important to note that authentic vintage clothing is smaller compared to the typical clothing worn today. Since then, clothing sizes have been increasing. This means that an oversized vintage sweater can be suitable for people with short stature. Besides the overall size of the clothing. The length of the sleeves should also verify with the shoulder width, chest width, and waist circumference of the clothing. This is especially true for second-hand vintage clothing. These clothes tailor-made for the host. Some clothes may have long sleeves or wider breasts, which may sound uncomfortable when worn by others. When buying a dress or jacket, please know the length of your height.

The colors, patterns, and prints of vintage clothing should also consider. Retro may mean more prints and patterns on the fabric than anything else. The prints of vintage suits are floral prints or cashmere prints. Choosing the size of the printed matter is also important. Smaller and thinner prints hide things that need to be hidden and can make people look slimmer than they are. Larger or thicker prints will highlight features rather than hide them. For printing, checkered and polka dot we can consider suits retro.

Underwear an important part of every woman’s wardrobe

Checked jackets add a retro touch to men’s and women’s clothing. However, striped patterns can be tricky. In most cases, clothes with vertical stripes are more popular than clothes with horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes on vintage clothing or any clothing give appear height, while horizontal stripes increase the width. Stripes of different widths also show different effects. The wide stripes are more eye-catching and highlight certain features, especially when they are placed on the fabric. The narrow stripes have almost the same effect as a fine print.


Other things to consider when buying vintage clothing are tailoring, style and design. Many retro dresses have waists, and the hem of a puff skirt can set off almost any female body shape. Any woman can get an hourglass figure in such a vintage dress. A vintage dress might be the first vintage outfit you buy.

For vintage clothing, such as dresses, sweaters, and shirts, the collar and sleeves will also affect the wearer. Most women look better on a V-neck top, or if they are born with full shoulders. It is best to find a dress or top that reveals the shoulders. An example is a backless dress or a shirt with a beautiful print. Fluffy long sleeves are suitable for people who want to hide their arms.

Retro menswear may include plaid or striped suits, long-sleeved shirts, and a vest. Another option is a striped or plaid shirt, vest and pants, and a hat. They can pair this with a long coat or a long jacket. By adding a tie with interesting patterns, this outfit can also see more retro. Men in retro clothes seem to be easier than women.

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Last but not least, buyers should consider the price of vintage clothing. He or she should not spend too much money to assemble a beautiful retro outfit. People can find items that don’t sound like any retro style at first on the Internet or in retail stores. But may change to make them feel retro. However, if it must change the clothing, the change should not be too great. Attaching an accessory to that dress should be enough to make it retro. Are you worried the budget is tight? It is enough to buy second-hand antique clothes. Check this garment for damage. If you find some kind of damage, but think you can repair it with a small thread and a needle. Please negotiate to sell it at a cheaper price. You can use robbery for things, and it will surprise you at what you find in second-hand stores.

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