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Tips on Planning Ideal Wedding

I think many brides go through the ABC’s of planning, but let me walk you through ABC because not as easy as you think like the others suggest.

  • Plan A perfect wedding. Maybe a childhood dream,
  • Plan B more “realistic” wedding considering factors such as the local suppliers available.
  • Plan C if you’ve gone through all the idea and you attend for means to cut the budget.

Don’t be afraid to slash the budget in places that you needed fit.

Does it like favorite childhood dream weddings? Check out some favorite weddings from friends or check online?

1. Epic 3-day wedding

If you had so much fun in high school and college classmate/carpool’s wedding that you wanted an epic 3-day destination wedding. You can end up having a weekend celebration but can cut it to a more day celebration to cut the cost since it would cost a lot of money to pay the suppliers for more days. The next day became a trouble-free family picnic for the clan.

2. Personal Experience

Check out some Special wedding you personally invited. Make a plan to possibly duplicate the function but don’t copy all the plans. The focus is to save the budget but makes the guest enjoy it.

3. If you love After Party

Tips on planning an ideal wedding

Since you want to save budget to what you have ready. Invite only best friends and relatives, but have most of them the clan and friends. Give the best for them to enjoy the big day. Hire a rock band or karaoke to have them sing and dance. Don’t forget to record everything like photos or videos. This saves memory and makes a second look after years passed.

Plan B

Provide a supplier’s room to play with a better flow. You will have a short notice to an advantage. Suggest to the supplier what you want and have advised that favor. Make sure to make guests enjoy and be more comfortable. Flowers: Talked to the flower suppliers and suggest on what you like and don’t forget to have good advice. Listen to them the best flowers in the season and bargain at the best price.

Plan C

Tips on planning ideal wedding

Budget cuts: Everyone wants to cut budget except for people who can afford that like the sky is the limit. If the sponsor (Ninang or Ninong) offers a party for you at your own expense don’t be shy be thankful for them. This would be a great help to save the budget. You can even add what you save to other expenses that you not foresee.

Nothing shame in budget cuts most likes to boast over bargains and DIYs. What can you say? If you think I missed something and you want to include. Planning is difficult Please leave words.

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