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The Latest On Lingerie For Your Body Figure

Lingerie underwear, many shapes and sizes that make each woman gorgeous and unique with women’s bodies. The variable proportions of the body divided into five key categories, over time. Include apples, rectangles, triangles, inverted triangles, and hourglasses. A woman’s body you have never heard this strange collection used to describe, don’t worry. Refers to the ratio of the shoulder, the waist, and a woman’s buttocks, regardless of weight. A valuable choice when choosing underwear knowing you will find its category itself. Which has a secret weapon with the same large number of options? Impress better in your underwear, in the bedroom, the best underwear of every size we will discuss.


Underwear, they design underwear for women’s images flatter. A large piece or a piece that highlights the woman’s unique femininity and makes her aura comfortable and exquisite. Perfect underwear, whether it’s for other people or just for yourself, can boost women’s self-confidence. Bras and dolls to corsets and camisoles. A treasure trove of women of many shapes and sizes the world of underwear. Introduces your home underwear to specific underwear you may not know, create a complete lingerie guide for every body types.

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Two-part lace halter bra and high-waisted panty set with lace round cups, ribbon neck tie, keyhole panty back and hook and eye closes.

READ: Luxury Lingerie Wear For Your Valentine’s Day Events

Paired with a bra and panties as the name implies. This feminine flirty tactic to sexy underwear. Adapt to anybody types because it draws attention to the body and the whole then focusing on a specific purpose.

The Latest On Lingerie For Your Body Figure


Sexy Wet Look Lace Garter Belt Lingerie

Annoy your man, using a seductive garter to increase the heat of the bedroom. Known as the garter, this piece wrapped around the waist and made of lace or delicate materials. A bolder expression, the belt in leather if you are looking for it can find.  Have hanging clips that hang on half socks or high socks these sexy outfits. Hourglass-shaped women who want to emphasize the waist this underwear is perfect. Seeking to draw attention to their legs a winner for women.


Wearable under many styles of garments.

The purpose and symbolism of corsets have changed many times throughout history. The object of power and restrictive commitments that are once seen as patriarchal powers turned to women. Nail and seductive, bodice sitting on the woman’s chest and extending to the buttocks. Shape the figure of the charisma and achieve an hourglass profile the traditional fashion designed.  Laces on the back along the eviscerate at the seam. Modern fresh look laces appear on the front or side.


Women Sexy Push-Up Shapewear Over Bust Corset Bustier.

Similar to the corset, the corset enhances the contour of the female hourglass. Push the chest up while shaping the waist these tights can, creating the ultimate seductive figure. Creates a curve and gives a fuller bust trend, which the waist has sharpening power. Smaller breasts or rectangular breasts, the corset is ideal for women.

The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure


Sexy Lingerie Sets Lace Babydoll Teddy Nightwear with G String and Garters Black Small

Stuffed animals with your teddy bear to the bedroom will never be sexy wearing it absolute. Equivalent to a one-piece swimsuit, and the plush animal is a playful item for body types. A variety of other fabrics with lace, leather, and mesh. Cuts and styles to choose can use this underwear show any figure. Inverted triangle, looks impressive in particular. Balances the wide shoulders and lengthens the length of the body.


Eleanor Parker In A Semi-Tailored Negligee Designed By Leah Rhodes 1946 Photo Print

Introduced in France in the eighteenth century, it relates Negligee to romance and femininity. Alternative to your warm and diffuse dress this sheer outfit is softer and more coveted. Use at home or on your own favorite underwear.


Sexy Lingerie Sets Sleepwear Chemise Nightgown Lace Babydoll Teddy Nightwear with G String Red 2 Extra Large. Elegant Moments Lovely Embroidered Mesh Baby Doll Lingerie Set 4864 black, white.

Perfect for women with inverted triangles the loose baby doll dress, women with broad shoulder width and a small waist. Smooth your shoulders while the ruffled skirt will balance in your lower half these soft shoulder strap. Amazing in the most curved women this exquisite dress.


The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure

Rhonda Shear
This set still has all the features you love about the design: microfiber, built-in bra features, removable cups and medium support elements. So now mastering the fundamentals of the perfect look is a comfortable reality.

A gorgeous silky camisole she wears, she is both tempting and sleepy. Ideal for summer nights and restful nights, this camisole features a magnificent silk top and matching shorts.


Seven Til Midnight
Two piece chemise set. Includes a matching thong and lace handcuffs- Sizing: XL (14), 1x/2x (16-18), 3x/4x (20-22)

A refined chemise and feminine choice in lingerie and sleepwear. A simple and short dress that hangs on the shoulders. Was popular in the 1920s this underwear with soft, shiny silk, delicate cotton, and sensual satin. The simple design means that this style is suitable for anybody types, women with long legs.


Fishnet Body Stocking. Free your inner sex kitten when you move on this tempting sheer lace body stocking. Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed, Drip dry, do not iron.

This super-tight dress extends from the toes, legs, torso, neck, and arms. Say the work, made of pure cloth, delicate lace or coarse mesh. Worn under other daring clothing although it covers the entire body.


The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure

Spandex Bodysuit that controls the upper middle and lower parts of your abdomen giving a complete adjustment because of its special shape allows the use of your favorite bra and its straps are adjustable as desired the panty is made of a soft material for comfort hook-and-eye cotton gusset.

Similar to Teddies and Mamluks, the bodysuit is an underwear item acts in one. The bralette style of the garment connects, this means that the top and bottom. Short and lacey, they can call a teddy. More bedroom suite it looks, a jumpsuit. Cut to flatter and meet bodies needs available on this product so as its equivalents.  Complementary to women with rectangular and inverted triangles in particular.


Women Adjustable Bra Gather Brassiere Seamless Ladies Underwear Bra Sexy Push Up No Steel Ring Bra

Has always a basic underwear item for women as we know, the classic brassiere or bra first named in 1907. Became part of the modern discourse and feminine life during this period existed long before this date. Can wear every woman, the bra is a gain style, cuts, colors, and shapes. A variety of other styles include strapless, bralette, bandeau, balconette, push-ups, sports. Women with smaller breasts, the bralettes stunning and refined choice and push-ups will make the chest fuller. A lady with larger busts, the padded bra will make sure comfort and look great.

The Latest On Lingerie For Your Body Figure


Enjoy the classic fit and feel of cotton in this lightweight full slip when you demand an extra thickness of coverage under your clothing. Built of woven 100% cotton. Pleasing V-neckline trimmed with scalloped lace. Sheer floral mesh along the front line neckline. Vertical darts for wireless cups have fashion.

A fashionable item every day, this piece becomes elegant piece has left the bedroom and the street in recent years. This sexy “wrap-on” dress should wear in a closed door. Made of satin or silk and pleasing for women with wide shoulder and small waist, this underwear balances the figure. Will complement women in rectangular and hourglass shapes.


Unique Bargains
Flirty, colorful and amuse in a decorative type and easy tone. This wrap-front romper with breezy bracelet sleeves is a simple, eye-catching variety for weekend lunch or evenings out.
• Model is wearing in size S (Height: 5’8″, Chest: 34 1/2 inches, Waist: 26 inches, Hip: 37 inches)

A fun and young outfit as an equal of underwear game wear is the romper. A typical high cut draws attention to the legs, and the shape of a piece will emphasize the stunning curves. Thin and flexible rectangle, this style may still be right for you. Look for a romper the section you want to highlight. The delicate lace on the waist or the funny ruffles on the chest.

The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure


Romantic Gypsy
The draping open-front creates a flowing silhouette that can flatter a variety of body types. A versatile addition to your warm-weather wardrobe, this Kimono can even be worn over a swimsuit as a beach cover-up. Produced from a great-soft and relaxed linen fiber, it will hold you calm without being exclusive. Pair over skater dresses and A-line skirts for a charming dress, or with shorts and a tee for an easy and comfortable spring outfit.

Traditional Japanese outfit the kimono, an amazing addition to your favorite underwear set. A complex update of the old fluffy dress. Long sleeves and hem across the floor, wearing the kimono is a sexy piece that is light and charming.


The tiniest net triangle covers youstrategically in the barest way possible while the spaghetti stringsides and g-back hold it all together.

A fabulous way to look and sense good, thongs are as a cheeky alternative to classic underwear. Known as a thong, this style eliminates the annoying lines created by typical underwear when wearing tight-fitting clothing. Show your ass (etc) killing him with your squats in the gym. Use new fun thongs to express your respect for your hard work.


Cut Muffin Top in style with Warner’s No Pinching. No Problems. Seamless Hipster. Preventing muffin top the wide waistband dig in won’t. Seamless all-over stretch for a great fit and superior comfort.

  • Wide waistband prevents muffin top
  • Seamless stretch
  • Full seat coverage
  • Hipster

Tights or any tight-fitting clothing any woman wearing a tube top. Understand frustration the undergarment lines underneath the clothes. Make seamless panties from a piece of fabric that eliminates the lines of the underpants. Creates an elegant and sexy silhouette essential in any women’s wardrobe.

The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure



  • Available in 3 color

V-shaped underwear is a tempting style, it can complement the body. The sides of the strip, in particular, will complement the wider hips and plump curves. Women with an hourglass, triangle and apple shapes are the best choice.


Designed to banish the bulge.

Just any seamless panties, the seamless bra will make sure silhouette stays elegant and smooth with a new tight-fitting black dress. Differs from other bras the seamless bra because it has no lines or seams. Weaves the garment into a piece and the machine heats the cup to form and shape it, these make pieces. A variety of sizes available, shapes, and colors these comfortable bras.


Get the classic Maidenform push up bra in a two-pack, 38D, White/Body Beige

Add a small extra heat by showing off a push-up bra in the bedroom. The extra pad in the cup pushes the breast up, creating a full-blown illusion. Allowing the smaller wrapped woman to climb a few sizes in an instant. Select the correct size and fit to make this dress comfortable and look great.

The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure

BOY SHORTS (Panties)

boy short panty. Made of 94% cotton and 6% spandex.

Don’t let this name deceive you, this underwear is a super sexy choice for each kind of women. Joint with a stunning sports bra, they create a fun and comfortable suit for women with rectangular characters.


Flexees – Dream Shapewear WYOB Romper

Eat cheese and ice cream we want to sometimes. Ladies, the curve has never so wonderful. No problems with the light shapes in the body. Maximize your shape the trick is to make sure your curves look smooth and curved under your clothes. Can use the corset in full body stockings, suitable for the abdomen or tailored hosiery. Used to create a more styled body for the body shape. When eliminating those annoying cords and stitches, they offer a seamless bra or panty replacement. 

The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure


XGEN Products
This nude strapless bra features push-up cups with underwire and clear adhesive wings that give you the ultimate backless and strapless look. Push-up Nude Strapless And Backless Bra, Adhesive Bra.

Popular dresses backless, no dress with a messy bra strap, adhesive fasteners, solve this problem. The sticky bra, as the name implies, attached to the breast to give support and increase the cleavage. Made of silicone, although they have lighter alternatives, most sticky bras are reusable, effective and easy to use.

Underwear suitable for body figure

Let’s talk the method, now you have learned the ABC of underwear. Take out geometry book because it’s time to understand the hourglass, triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle, and apple shape graphics.


Similar a sand-filled hourglass, this body characterized by a shoulder width. Consistent with the buttocks and a narrow waist that narrows inward. Any earlier underwear style the number of hourglasses looks gorgeous. Stuffed animals, corsets or garters will increase the heat by emphasizing the narrow waist. The shoulder strap, matching the suit and V-shaped panties are similar in the hourglass’s shape.

The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure


Own J-Lo style curves often have triangle ladies. Characterizes this form by the hips. Being wider than the chest and shoulders if you want to attract your hips. A teddy bear, a set of matching, thongs, bras or V-shaped panties will be the solution. Choose underwear that attracts attention if you want to balance your body. A bustier, a corset, a push-up bra or a lace doll can do.


Known as the pillar, the rectangular shape is a moving figure. The image of an hourglass, with no obvious sharpness at the waist. Arrange the shoulders and hips in an elegant rectangular pattern. Awesome stars Cameron Diaz and Kaley Cuoco are definitive rectangles. Girl’s with this build should try to find underwear that defines the waist, such as a camisole, corset, and corset. The ruffles on the bust, the details of the ruffles or lace will flatten the cuboid. The figure and form more shapes while fabrics such as satin and silk will stick.

Inverted Triangle

Take the triangle and turn upside-down, wide shoulders, big bust, narrow waist, and hips, you have an inverted triangle. Stuffed animal’s underwear is your secret weapon. Looking sexy and confident this piece makes the shoulders thinner and stretch the body. Keep your bra simple and elegant while choosing panties with ruffles and ruffles to balance your shape. Will extend the number of inverted triangles classic casual clothes or kimonos.


Model Ashley Graham, the curved lady with wide hips a big bust delightful. Belongs to the shape of the apple body. Can improve your favorite body parts with your underwear curves in the right places. Enhance the curve, shapewear will help you create a soft and sexy silhouette. A dress or baby shirt will attract attend of your chest and long legs. Will balance the sexy body combination by focusing on the entire body than focusing on any part.

The Latest On Lingeries For Your Body Figure

Underwear style tips

When choosing underwear, important to decide whether you want to emphasize natural shape or balance. Choose the best underwear style to help you achieve this.

Hourglass shape with a bodice, garter or stuffed animal.

  • Can appeal to your wide hips with Teddy a lady with a triangle shape, matching clothing or V-shaped panties. Balance your body with push-up bras, bodice, corsets or babydoll.
  • Can use a corset, bustiers, and vest for rectangular ladies. Create a waistline definition or to attract attend the chest through lace details, ruffles or push-up bras.
  • Women who want to invest in inverted triangles of underwear should go to teddy bears and kimonos.
  • The curvaceous apple-shaped ladies can enhance their curvatures with amazing costumes, doll dresses, and sexy matching outfits.

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