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Mens Underwear

Mens Underwear is an important part of every man’s outfit

Mens underwear is a very important part of anyone’s clothing. There are very few types of mens underwear. Some tips to help you choose the best underwear at the lowest price.

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Mens underwear is available in a variety of materials. Some materials are cotton, silk, spandex, lycra, and nylon. Choose a material that fits your body type. Some people have problems with certain materials, such as cotton which can be allergenic, or nylon which can irritate. Try all the materials to find out what works for your body type. Wear cotton underwear if you live in a tropical climate. If you live in cooler conditions, try wool or lycra material. Always wear tight underwear.

The waist should not be too loose or too tight. Underwear is the most important element of clothing, even if it’s hidden. Avoid buying cheaper or unbranded underwear. Always buy a brand you can trust that fits your body type. In the past, people used to wear V-shaped underwear, boxers, thongs, and thongs. But now you can find underwear for a specific purpose. Like sports, underwear is tight-fitting and seamless. Sports bras provide extra support for the genital area, other types of men’s underwear hidden pockets for valuables and money.

Mens underwear

You want to know what size is right for you, try it. It would be better if you bought a piece or two from the brand and tested them. So you could fix any issues you have. There are several styles of men’s underwear that can use for different purposes. Such as briefs for cooling off on the weekends, sportswear for sports activities, and standard wear for the office.

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In the past, mens underwear choices limited. Only briefs and boxers. But times changed; there are many underwear options and styles for men to choose from. The biggest change in their organisation. You can find different styles in different materials such as cotton, polyester, or silk blends.

Briefs: Traditional briefs have a Y-shaped front with about four inches of fabric covering everything from the waist. To the top of the thighs, with the hips covered. Mid-rise briefs sit 2 inches below the waist, low-rise briefs are 3 inches below the waist. These styles work best with low-rise jeans. Briefs are best for jobs that require sitting or physical activity all day.


Boxers: Boxers are the loosest and most comfortable of all styles. The shorts have straight-cut leg openings and cover the thighs and buttocks. Lengths can vary from eight to sixteen inches. The tapered cage has leg openings to fit your thighs, and side vents allow for greater freedom of movement. Boxers are the only mens underwear that can cut.

Boxers briefs: Boxers underwear is a in medium between boxer and brief. They wore this type of mens underwear under tights and when exercising, boxer briefs are available in spandex or cotton.

Bikini: This type of mens underwear goes below the belly button. Bikinis work best with low-rise jeans and leggings. This can be a bit more expensive than briefs and boxers, as made of spandex or nylon material.

Thongs: They are even smaller than bikini mens underwear. You need an amazing body to pull them off. You’re planning to buy this type of underwear, look for nylon-spandex blends and stick to bright, solid colours.

Men’s Boxers and Briefs

Are you looking for the perfect men’s boxer briefs or men’s boxer briefs? DGU has the widest range of fit and loose styles. For men in trendy, classic, and trendy boxer briefs and boxer briefs.

Ergowear SLK Midcut
  • £32.00
  • Cinched in at the waist with 1″ branding, the interior feels silky smooth
  • Spacious unlined box useful for gifted men
  • Quick-drying fabric is perfect for action or relaxation.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Red is over-dyed, so it will turn red after washing. We recommend you wash it alone or with other red garments for the first 1-4 washes.
  • Flatlock stitching on all seams and hem for a smoother finish

From every angle, this is a very special men’s underwear boxer. Our long-leg men’s shorts possess many benefits, including super stretchy material. An ergonomic 3D shape with plenty of room in the front. And those SLK abbreviations? They may mean elegance, or it could be Softly Lifting Kit, they don’t say.

Men’s Briefs

Men’s Briefs are available in a variety of styles. Shop at Deadgoodundies.com. Treat yourself to a man’s thong, European bikini bottoms, mini briefs, or men’s micro underwear. Deep midi briefs or extra long boxer briefs. Men’s briefs can be small or offer more coverage like a suitcase. All of our designer brands offer comfort and quality in a pair. Shop 24/7 and ship your pants in regular packaging.

Manstore M2178 Open Brief
  • £36.00
  • Luxury transparent fabric – use washbag please
  • Keyholes below waistband over pouch and bum
  • Short base seam for subtle pouch shape
  • MNSTR branding

Wear this men’s underwear bikini and enjoy the effect. But beautiful men’s mini briefs in the silkiest sheer material.

Men’s Hipster

Men’s hipster underwear is flattering. A low-rise style is more than just a man’s boxer brief that sits under the torso. Shop these comfy mini briefs that have the proportions of a classic mid-length brief, but with a sleek, modern fashion. Hipster underwear is best for men who like to hide their underwear in jeans or pants. There is always a lot to buy at DGU.

Ergowear X4D Mini Boxer
  • £33.00
  • No waistband as such – signature ribbon centre front
  • Minimum seaming and all flat seams that are material friendly
  • Distributions between ranges have been modified to refine the fit
  • Increasing ergonomic separate layer pouch is an an architectural delight

These men’s underwear shorts are not only an update to the brand’s best-selling X3D but a redesigned design. Our new men’s briefs have many new features, including a refined fit.

Fabric: 89% Polyamide, 11% Spandex

Men’s Jockstraps

Men’s jockstraps used to be functional men’s underwear, but today they can be sporty or stylish, or both! There is a pouch on the front and hip-framing straps in men’s sweatpants. The best choice is to buy men’s jockstraps from international designer brands. Shop here for men’s jockstraps in bold or demure, dark or bright, cotton, sexy, silky, or sensitive.

Gregg Homme Bubble G’Homme Jockstrap
  • £51.00
  • 2.5cm signature waistband
  • Unique Outrageous thigh elastics
  • Super enhancing single layer pouch
  • Cool wash luxury semi sheer fabric

You will feel almost naked and will show beautiful! Men’s boxer briefs with a lace-up open-back look, a far cry from the sporty original. Translucent men’s underwear that is sexy and supportive.

Fabric: 60% Polyamide, 40% Spandex

Men’s Long Johns

DGU has men’s long underwear available all year round. Men’s thermal pants, base coats, trousers, and cotton leggings. Calf and above-knee lengths, leggings, and slacks for leisure, work, or exercise. Most have a flat bag, but some are Y-Front. Shopping and getting ready for winter, skiing, rock climbing, training, walking, running, cycling. Do you want a warm tee or an all-in-one? Browse our T-shirts section.

Gregg Homme Yoga Legging
  • £86.00
  • Cool wash with care please
  • Breathable 8-way stretch second skin – all single layer
  • Clever contoured pouch created by body friendly seams
  • Ankle length with no cuffs

If you bought a pair of men’s underwear, use these for them. Silky and peach-soft, these men’s briefs are designed for freedom of movement. They hydrate your skin while absorbing it when you sweat. Breathable bottom leggings.

Fabric: 80% Polyamide Meryl Hydrogen, 20% Lycra

Men’s Thongs and G-string

Every man should have a small pair of boxers in his boxer drawer. Men’s thongs and g-string can become cool and sexy. They are the next best option for commandos! Deadgoodundies is the best place to buy men’s thongs and g-string – sexy thongs and lightweight designs. You can buy a man’s thong and ship it with complete confidentiality in the normal packaging that DGU ships worldwide.

Gregg Homme Bubble G’Homme Thong
  • £39.00
  • Unique Outrageous elastic
  • Super enhancing pouch single layered
  • Lavish luxury fabric – cool wash
  • Semi see through

Luxurious lingerie twine briefs for men with lust. Sexy, soft, and sophisticated sheer, these petite men’s briefs embody the brand’s sensual appeal. It seems like being naked!

Fabric: 60% Polyamide, 40% Spandex


Men’s thongs are a favourite in our men’s underwear store. Tanga briefs feature a low-waisted waistband and very high legs. Shopping for men’s thongs at DGU is easy. Search for a horizontal fit, deep or tight elastic waistband with no fabric on the sides. A pouch on the front and a minimalist hood on the back.

Olaf Benz RED 0965 Rio Tanga
  • £31.00
  • Single layered throughout so you reveal what’s underneath
  • Central pouch seam on this male slip adds definition
  • Brand signature in red is encased in a silicone bubble on the pouch
  • Good bum cover on these silky underpants is seamless

These translucent men’s briefs are made from the highest quality microfiber. It’s cut for a simple thong, and the 1.5cm side straps also frame the sexy brief’s waist. Underclothing, you will feel and look almost invisible.

Fabric: 72% polyamide 28% elastane

Men’s Boxers and Briefs
Men’s Briefs
Men’s Hipster
Men’s Jockstraps
Men’s Long Johns
Men’s Thongs and G-string
Men’s Tanga Briefs

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