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Plains and Prints: Best branded women’s casual dress online

Plains and Prints From its initial modesty, Plains, and Prints. Has grown into one of the local’s most famous and popular women’s and fashion accessories brands. Today, Plain and Prints has an 11-meter store area. 35 companies-owned Plain & Prints boutiques and 28 franchises across the country. Established in the Philippines in 1994, proud of […]

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Why Smart Casual Dress is Sexy

Smart Casual Dress. If you want to wear an elegant casual outfit, choose the right dress. To do this, choose a polished style with a neutral color such…

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Discover The 3 Secrets Of How To Dress Smarter

When buying a dress, T-shirt, skirt or any clothing, best to let the salesperson check if the clothes fit. Having a stranger will be a better judgment…


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