Switzerland is a European country and the main geographical divide between the Alps and the Swiss Plateau. The landlocked country that is endowed with breathtaking beauty which is well distributed across the territory. The populace of the country that is made up of German, French, Romanic, and Italian as the main linguistics. This diversity makes it give its visitors a warm welcome.
Looking for a vibrant city that is a perfect destination for holidays or whenever you need to unwind? Switzerland should be top on your list. For a country that is endowed with so much beauty, you may be wondering where to go. Here is a look at some of the best must-visit destinations in Switzerland.
Seeking to rekindle your love? Zurich is a city that awakens the amatory glands of its visitors. Spend time with your loved one as you enjoy the serene view of Lake Zurich. To complement the tranquillity of the lake is a host of trendy hang out joints, bars, and restaurants. Taste the city’s delicacies in one of these joints or take a tour around, you will be pleased by the city’s romantic atmosphere.
Lucern is the place to be for history lovers. The tourist destination is home to well-preserved historic attractions. Here you will find the famous sculpture known as the Lion of Lucern, old gathering places like churches and so on. If you love shopping, the old city has top boutique shops where you can shop for Swiss regalia which will quench your desire for fashion and beauty.

The Rhaetian Railway

Do you love adventure? If yes, you will definitely enjoy a ride on the Rhaetian Railway. The rail is a landmark in the country’s engineering works and a breathtaking photogenic site. Picture a spectacular ride passing through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges. You will definitely love the 130km ride!
Swiss National Park
Visit Switzerland’s only national park that sits on a hilly terrain of 65 square miles. Enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. The flora and fauna exploration will be an exciting activity for nature lovers and your eyes will enjoy viewing beautifully set valleys. The national park is home to many bird species and other animals like marmots.
We all love great food; imagine enjoying a local delicacy at a revolving restaurant that sits on top of a mountain! That’s the kind of experience you will get at the Schilthorn. As you enjoy your meal, you will be able to catch a clear view of some Swiss’ mountain ranges like the Mont Blanc, Jura, and the Vosges.
Rhine Falls
Visit Europe’s largest plain waterfall that is Rhine Falls. You will enjoy an elegant view of water as it falls vigorously around the beautiful plains.

Great Accommodation Facilities

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Part of what makes a tour enjoyable is finding a comfortable place to stay. There are a number of resorts that will give you excellent value for your money. We recommend the Montreux Le Coucou Hotel, Movenpick hotel in Geneva or the Hotel Staubbach in Lauterbrunnen.
Wi-Fi’s connection is always a must when choosing accommodations. Most hotels, even Airbnbs provide free Wi-Fi through which you can sit back, relax and stream your favorite Netflix content as you would back home after a long day of sight-seeing. Problem is, when you’re away from your home country, content access might be barred by geo-restrictions. To tackle this, you will need to change your IP address. You can use a proxy or a VPN, but a VPN is often a far easier and more secure option. To ensure the highest connection speed possible, use a VPN with a Switzerland server such that your traffic is routed through the shortest tunnel possible. That’s how you can access your favorite content and sites, regardless of your geographical location.