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United States Arizona Best Place To Visit. Arizona, the southwestern state of US. The most famous is the abyss carved by the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. The Flagstaff a mountain village covered with yellow pine and is one of the main gateways to the Grand Canyon. Other natural attractions include the Saguaro National Park, which protects the Sonoran Desert landscape filled with cacti. Tucson is the territory of the University of Arizona and home to the Sonora Desert Museum in Arizona.

Arizona’s desert climate has dazzling views and breathtaking sights and home to amazing geological formations and canyons to explore. For example, the Grand Canyon is one of the most famous attractions in the United States. The impressive Valley of Monuments is sure to give you the opportunity to enjoy Arizona Best Place.

Since Indians make up a quarter of the Arizona city. Many interesting archaeological, historical, and cultural sites associated with Native American culture for visitors to enjoy. Because they are home to too many great museums, theaters, and art galleries. Arizona city a fun and friendly place to visit and has great nightlife. An incredible state, stunning views of Arizona, natural wonders, and cities live in the memory for a long time.


The hustle and twisting gaps of the Antelope Canyon are fascinating, as the sun’s rays linger along the sandstone walls. Illuminating and bathing in soft red tones and glowing light. Worth a visit is the two different parts of the Antelope Canyon; their unique characteristics make them called “The Crack” and “The Corkscrew”. Each has its own name, the sides of the rock flowing for the shape of the rock erosion. In the Navajo Tribal Park, you can only walk through the upper and lower parts of the Antelope Canyon.

The United States Arizona Best Place To Visit

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Antelope Canyon

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Antelope Canyon a slot canyon in the southwestern US. It set on the land of the Navajo people east of Peggy, Arizona. The Antelope Canyon comprises two separate and scenic canyon gorges named “Upper Antelope Canyon” or “Crack”; “Lower Antelope Canyon” or “Opener”


As a historic city known as the OK Corral shooting venue, Tombstone is one of the last booming cities. This is a difficult place, attracting tough seekers, hard gunners, and lawless players to make money at the silver mine. Tombstone is a tourist trap and is an interesting place in Arizona to learn how the West built. The historical part of the city well-preserved, visit the past, stroll through its lobby or look at the entertainment scene. Great for travel, this city has many cheap restaurants, souvenir shops, restaurants, and hotels.

The United States Best Place To Visit

Tombstone Arizona

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Wyatt Up (Coulter Russell) his brothers Morgan (Bill Paxton) Virgil (Sam Elliott) have left gunmen behind them to settle. City Tombstone, Arizona Venture. They don’t want to find problems when they become the target of a ruthless cowboy gang. They will soon find the problem. Along with Wyatt’s best friend, Doctor Val Kilmer, the brothers lifted their weapons again to restore order without law.


As part of the Phoenix metropolitan section. Scottsdale’s year-round climate means receiving millions of visitors every year on the streets. Many resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars for every budget. Discredited as “the westernmost city in the west”. Many historical sites scattered, including festivals and events of this heritage held. Cowboy competitions and equestrian performances. Scottsdale has a wide range of museums and art galleries, offering visitors a thriving artistic and cultural landscape. In addition, the city’s nightlife is happening; there are many great nightclubs, luxury lounges, and trendy bars.

Scottsdale Arizona

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Scottsdale is a desert city in Arizona, located east of Phoenix, the state capital. Known for spas and golf courses, comprising TPC Scottsdale. Further north, the trail passes through the Sonoran Reserve in McDowell, a desert landscape of deserts, rock formations, and cacti. Nearby is Taliesin West, the former residence and studio of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In the city’s heart center, Scottsdale’s historic center features olive groves from the 1920s and 19th centuries.

The United States Best Place To Visit


In the middle of the desert, known as the “Sun Valley”. The state’s capital is the cultural and economic center of the state. Phoenix spends most of the year bathing in the bright sunshine, attracting over 16 million visitors every year. Phoenix has many educational and entertainment museums. Theatres and major shopping options, and Phoenix have much to the need for it. Many great restaurants and bars for visitors ready. Sports fans can see any team in the city, while golfers explore over 200 golf courses in the city.

Phoenix Arizona

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In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is ​​a long-lived bird that can recycle, or it can be reborn. Related to the sun, the Phoenix rose from its predecessor’s ashes and gained new life.


A national monument with the largest number of visits in the country. The Canyon de Chelly has lived for over 5,000 years. We can trace canyon rock wall protection and accommodation with amazing old buildings back to ancient Puebloans days. Since Navajos called her home in 1700. The canyon was ravaged by many massacres in the historic scene, chasing Native Americans with the Spanish army and American troops. Today, the site owned and managed by Navajo and has several excellent innovations and horseback riding available to visitors. Although Spider Rock is the most distinctive feature of the canyon. The Canyon de Chelly is lovely to appreciate and has a striking view from the edge.

The United States Best Place To Visit
Canyon de Chelly

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The National Monument Shea Canyon in the northeastern part of Arizona, a huge park in the Navajo Tribal section. Its outstanding features include needle spider rock, 800 feet high, and the high sandstone cliffs surrounding the green canyon. By living in the Native Americans for thousands of years, the zone dotted with prehistoric rock art. The remains of the people of the ancient town of the White House and the Mummy Caves.


With its iconic design, Monument Valley’s incredible geological features appear in TV commercials. Presented in movies and appear in magazine ads. So, they are recognizable around the world. Surrounded by a desolate and uncharacteristic desert, it stretches with huge sandstone glides sliding into the sky. A bright red and orange skies against the blue sky. The stunning view, “The Valley Between Rocks”, when it baptized by the Navajos, was a must-see for visiting Arizona.

Monument Valley

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They know Monument Valley, Arizona. The Red Desert on the Utah border for its towering sandstone blisters in the Navajo Tribal Park in Monument Valley. The park is the location for Western movies and is accessible via the 17-mile Valley Drive cycle. You can glance at the famous steep slopes from the road or attractions such as John Ford’s Point.

The United States Best Place To Visit


This vibrant college town is home to the University of Arizona and is a fun and enjoyable place with great nightlife. The second-largest city in the state is a delicious cultural mix that proves its long and varied history. Its numerous museums and its lively artistic and cultural scenes showcase the diversity of the city.

With excellent local shops and great restaurants and bars, the university’s outstanding student body creates a youthful atmosphere for the city. The city’s colorful buildings are nestled in a valley surrounded by arid mountains and cactus-filled plains, making Tucson a charming and charming place. On the outskirts of Tucson, you can admire incredible natural landscapes, and most visitors to the city can explore the stunning Cactus National Park or hike in the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains.

Tucson Arizona

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Tucson is a city and county seat in Pima, Arizona, and is home to the University of Arizona. The 2010 US Census showed a population of 520,116, while Tucson’s entire metropolitan statistical district had an estimated population of 980,263 in 2015.

The United States Best Place To Visit


The Great National Recreation Area in Glen Canyon is dominated by an infinite desert that surrounds the beautiful waters of Lake Powell. With more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline, the dark waters of the lake are bounded by beautiful red rock formations and dramatic rocky boundaries that sink into it. This is a popular sailing ground with five marinas scattered and many water sports and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether it’s kayaking and jet skiing in the waters of Lake Powell, fishing along the coast, or hiking in spectacular rock formations; this ethnic entertainment area is perfect for everyone. The desert landscape is another world, and the Paria Canyon and Rainbow Bridge are particularly memorable. Horseshoe Bend is another must-see attraction in Glen Canyon. Be sure to go for a few days; you won’t regret it!

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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The United States Best Place To Visit

The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is the National Park Service’s entertainment and conservation unit, including Lake Powell and the surrounding area of ​​the Katalat Valley in Utah and Arizona, covering 1,254,429 acres of desert.


While the impressive red sandstone formations are the highlight of Sedona, more attractions and activities. It always amazes visitors at what they are witnessing. Sedona settled in a Scenic rock formation and regarded sacred by the Native Americans. People come here to heal and seek spiritual enlightenment. Many shops selling alternative medicines and many spas for visitors to relax. In a scenic zone, plenty of outdoor activities to attend here. Cycling or hiking in the canyon is an incredible experience, and swimming in vibrant waters will complement your spirit. Many great restaurants and many art galleries to explore. The summer city may be busy, although the fascinating landscape makes up for this.


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The United States Best Place To Visit

Sedona is a desert city in Arizona near Flagstaff, surrounded by red rocky hills, steep canyons, and pine forests. They know it for its mild climate and vibrant art community. Sedona’s residential areas are full of shops, spas, and art galleries of the new era. The outskirts of the city, many trails leading to Red Rock State Park, which offers bird watching, hiking, and picnicking.


They recognize the Grand Canyon around the world and are impressive, with a Gorgeous panoramic view that is breathtaking. The huge size and scale, the view from the edge of the canyon are incredible. As you look at the rock below, the spectacular scenery extends to the horizon. Falling low the canyon, the geological edifice fascinating. The arid and desolate terrain is quiet and picturesque and is a place to explore. The reddish hue of the canyon walls looks scenic under the light. You can see the fossil remains of plants and animals.

To better understand direct the Grand Canyon, head to the Geological Museum or show Time Road. This will take you through the layers and landscapes that the canyon provides. The ancestors of the Pueblo people lived in and around the region for centuries. They went to the ruins and the Tusayan Ruin and Museum to learn its history and culture. Arizona Grand Canyon is an amazing place, no doubt a highlight of Arizona.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a steep canyon carved from the Colorado River in Arizona, USA. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles broad and (over) than a mile deep.

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