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The Japanese tourism industry Advisory of Coronavirus Outbreak

The Japan outbreak of the coronavirus has had a major impact on Japan’s tourism industry. The country’s border still closed to international tourists. There is no sign that the border will open to many tourists soon.

Their current state of tourism:

  • The border almost closed.

Domestic situation:

  • Even the virus has not spread in Japan like Europe and North America.
  • The number of infections has risen in recent weeks.

The 11 of 47 prefectures in Japan declared a state of emergency in January. These include Greater Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, until February 7.

The state of emergency is smaller than the nationwide situation in the spring of 2020. It focuses on closing food and beverage establishments. As early as possible, preventing unnecessary exits and promoting remote work. Within the city, public transportation has never been affected. However, airlines continue to suspend many domestic flights, while some long-distance rail services have declined.


International travel restrictions.

For the spread of this new and more infectious strain of the virus. Japan will close its borders to all new immigrants. Except for foreign residents in Japan or special circumstances, until at least January 31.
It is not yet certain whether regular tourists will be able to re-enter the country. This unlikely to happen after the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games are over.

Close and canceled
Most tourist attractions in Japan closed in April 2020 and May 2020. Many events and festivals across the country continue to cancel or postpone. Most tourist attractions have reopened, and only a few remain closed. In areas affected by the new state of emergency. Quite a few attractions have closed, or they shortened their business hours.

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