Spring Sports Gear Training

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Training. The aeroSling ELITE is an innovative and high-quality suspension trainer with a pulley. The pulley adds two important aspects to suspension training that common (static) suspension trainers can’t offer. First, instability significantly increased. The main rope can freely glide over the pulley which demands more coordination and balance from the trainee. Secondly, the pulley allows for completely new exercises. Alternating and rotating movements add a whole new dimension to suspension training.

The aeroSling ELITE Plus is the best suspension trainer that we have ever built. It combines the aeroSling ELITE with additional accessories to create the ultimate suspension training experience. The UltraPulley is a ball-bearing pulley that runs significantly smoother than the standard pulley of the aeroSling ELITE. These make even more challenging and, thus, each workout more effective.

Sports Gear Training

The backpack ESY L is a flexible, high-quality sandbag that can fill with the included Loading-Bags. Thus, you can easily and quickly add or remove a Loading-Bag and determine the training weight for each exercise. The filling (dry sand, pebble, or similar materials) can move around inside the Loading-Bags and the Loading-Bags themselves can move around in the backpack ESY L, creating unforeseen impulses that the trainee has to actively compensate for with muscle strength and coordination.

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The special weaving technique makes them durable. Avoids typical unraveling common battle ropes twisted. The Blackthorn Battle Ropes made of polyester. Thus, are more flexible than nylon or hemp ropes. This gives you smoother training and makes movements more natural. The special rope core sewn to the polyester sheathing holds the rope in its original form.

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