Smart Casual Dress informal is one of the most common dress codes although more confusing. Clothing in the workplace is becoming less formal. What can make workers more difficult? You don’t want to stand out in the workplace for wrong reasons?

Sexy casual dress code can interpret. What is the reason for choosing a suit from Monday to Friday or dinner? Customer features or problematic network events. The word “informal” may mean one person’s shirt and jeans, another person’s t-shirt, and sportswear.

In-house seminar on dress code. Because employers recognize the relevance of how people dress. How your brand is factors that may affect your effectiveness.

For features, location, time, whether it’s large or small. Who will attend will affect what makes up smart casual wear? A person’s goal is as if they plan to celebrate with colleagues. Understand the CEO. It affects the device you choose.

These are the words you should remember when you glance at your closet. Professional, elegant, tidy, informal, respectful. Then please pay attention to how to add your own signature statement. It is better solved than the nude. Better to see his efforts to overdress. They consider it a person who can’t disturb.

Men, open-collar shirts, polo shirts or smart shirts. Suit pants, chinos, dark jeans or custom shorts will work. Boat shoes, suede laces, espadrilles, and elegant sneakers may be acceptable. Sports jackets create an elegant, sexy, casual view.

Why Smart Casual Dress is Sexy

Don’t afraid of colors, during the day. The idea is to show your colleagues their true personality. Smart informal is more challenging for women. They have more combinations of equipment to choose. It’s not that much, it’s on which parts should or should not use together.

The goal is to assemble a polished suit. It makes your perception confident and proper. For example, flat-bottomed jeans may be too casual; but, match the heel and invite “smart” in the emergence. Sleeveless shirts with shorts are too casual. Something to measure the pants or skirts may be smart.

This dress features a bold necklace or high heels. Pencils or skirts that are not too short or tailored pants are suitable. Avoid thin shoulder straps and girdle. But we can consider jeans indigo or black enough.

Trending Autumn Winter 2018 Fashion Must Wear This Season

The blazer is a perfect match for an elegant casual outfit. You can wear any foundation, including simple dresses, tops, and dark jeans. The prettiness of that you can end it when you build it during the day or in the occasion. Accessories can create or break elegant casual outfits. You need to find a balance between quality and disappointing foundations.

For the sake of safety, you don’t have to sense comfortable with the clothes you wear. You need an idea that your way of dressing suits your personality. Allow yourself to express your personality through style. Besides respecting the people around you and discovering your own environment.

Why Smart Dress is Sexy

True, you will find how many persons have connected. Consider good, but you will look great.

winter dress
Made from the best combination of cashmere and merino wool. They design this winter dress with a variety of finishes. Use it alone and combine it with your favorite pants or skirt for ease and elegance. Wear a crisp white shirt or a basic black turtleneck sweater for a sophisticated look and warmth. – V-neck, soft round neck – Belt for front or back. – Long separate sides create an impression for each movement.
MARNI 'Two-tone' Long Sleeved Dress

MARNI ‘Two-tone’ Long Sleeved Dress
Price: £200.00
One Shoulder Frill Detail

One Shoulder Frill Detail
Price: £228.00
Fiorella One Shoulder Dress

Fiorella One Shoulder Dress
Price: £88.00

Smart Casual Dress
If you want to wear an elegant casual outfit, choose the right dress. To do this, choose a polished style with a neutral color (such as black or white). Such as a shirt or warm dress. Make sure the cut doesn’t show too many legs and chests. If you want to wear a long skirt, make sure it’s a complicated design.

Smart Casual Jackets
Exquisite jackets are a great way to turn casual outfits into elegant casual outfits. In particular, the standard jacket is a good choice. But, not your only choice. Long line blazers and sleeveless blazers lend an elegant touch to the staple food. A person who wants something different, a bomber jacket can work, but make sure it looks stylish.

Why Smart Dress is Sexy

Wool Smoking Jacket

Whether it’s relaxing or organizing a casual dinner. The Dartan Rose tartan black wool smoking jacket is a comfortable way to relax. From the classic tartan dating back to 1725. Our smoking jacket version inspired by its history. Maintaining modern perfection and minimalist cuts. We keep a clean design, elegant shawl collar. Traditional back sleeves, lined, easy to slide and glide.

Smart Casual Shoes
When wearing distinctive dress code, your shoes play an indispensable role in your dress. So, if you want to achieve a smart and casual look, you must choose the right pair. Make sure your presence well polished and not formal. Choose elegant and practical shoes. High heels, kitten heels, scorpions and loafers. Can make the best choice for this style of clothing.

27 Edit collection.

breathtaking. The Briar pump from the 27 Edit collection. Turn heads with every wear.

Cross Body Bags
The cross bag is the perfect package to meet your busy lifestyle every day. It is easy to use and provides enough space for all the elements. Choose a smaller, long-chain clutch, can use from day to night. For a Bohemian look, try a suede tote with a tassel. Or a designer piece with a detachable shoulder strap for a sense of luxury.

Why Smart Dress is Sexy

Genuine black crocodile leather “mini belt” Bag
Celine genuine crocodile leather “belt” mini bag. With gold hardware accessories. Leg design, rear zip pocket, top handle, detachable shoulder strap. Hidden cover, top zipper opening, and closing. There are two inside open pockets.

Angular Frames
This fashion month, sunglasses are sharper than ever. They use this season, instead of the usual oval styles. From triangles and rectangles to diamonds and hexagons. Trends appear in a variety of ways. But, what they have in common is straight edges, sharp corners, and a fresh look. These high-quality glasses will be the most elegant way to protect your eyes this summer.


This Linda Farrow brown enamel oversized “LFL / 417/5” sunglasses features a round frame and mirrored lenses.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Why Smart Dress is Sexy

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Casual elegant shorts pants and skirts are not the only choice for your informal and elegant background. Shorts are also a great choice for this dress code. Of course, we are not talking about the denim shorts you use. No, an elegant casual look through shorts requires a certain degree of polish, and only a pair of tailored shorts are available.

shorts feature fringe hem
These Stella McCartney shorts feature fringe hem, belts, pockets and buttons, and zip closure.
Isabel Marant Etoile ‘Olbia’ Shorts

Isabel Marant Etoile ‘Olbia’ Shorts
Price: £205.00
Cecilie Copenhagen 'Printed Shorts'

Cecilie Copenhagen ‘Printed Shorts’
Price: £70.00
Cecilie Copenhagen 'Holly' Shorts

Cecilie Copenhagen ‘Holly’ Shorts
Price: £125.00
Ba&sh ‘Maggy’ Short-Sleeved Dress

Ba&sh ‘Maggy’ Short-Sleeved Dress
Price: £230.00
Zimmermann 'Moncur Wrap Short Dress'

Zimmermann ‘Moncur Wrap Short Dress’
Price: £795.00

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