TRULYHEAL Power Bundle


Price from: US $1,340 – US $2,020

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We have added eight different organic Ozone oils to your O3 POWER BUNDLE. Each oil has different properties that allow you to treat a variety of diseases. Enjoy having an antibacterial homeopathic kit at home. You can use these oils to treat tooth decay and gum infections. Remove spots and acne, treat ulcers and lesions, and heal infected wounds, scars, sores, and gangrene.

Medical Device: O3 Power Bundle

Price: $1,152.00 – $1,232.00

You can even use the fragrant coconut oil as a cosmetic cream to rejuvenate your skin.
Yes, these oils can also internal use. They are ideal for rectal and vaginal applications and for lubricating catheters. These 6 oils are organic and we can find the best quality oil. Get them as part of the O3 energy pack.



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