Due to high volume, each device is built to order and will take around 4 to 6 days of production time.
Price From: US $20,500 – US $21,300


PMT 120 is the most popular PEMF device in the world. Thousands of people around the world like the WOW factor created by this device.

The PMT 120 uses two square waves to transmit the magnetic field to a unit of up to 20,000 Gauss. What does this mean for you? PMT 120 not only transmits receptors that resonate on the cell membrane. But also transmits harmonic pulses that resonate across the cell membrane.

Our bodies use magnetic fields to generate cellular energy and transport elements across the membrane. Therefore, the magnetic energy needed for life. Cleopatra may be the first celebrity to use magnets. The story says she is sleeping Lodestone (magnetic stone) to keep her skin young. Since 2500 BC, the Greeks have been using treatment knowledge. C. Aristotle and Plato also mentioned the benefits of Lodestones in their work.
Since evidence-based medicine, magnetic therapy has remained in the shadows. However, as technology advances, evidence about its therapeutic role and function is becoming more documented and documented. In particular, we consider it that magnets (magnetic resonance imaging) are one of the most advanced imaging tools for drugs.



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