O3 Water / Oil Bubbler Bundle

$255.00 $235.00

This Bubble Bundle comes with an extra 3-way valve, extra hose, destruct units, and everything you need to get started immediately.

Ozone generator not included!


Ozone Water Bubbler:
The ozone bubbler system can be used to ozonize water or to wet ozone gas. To pour the best-distilled water into the vessel with ozone water. It then connects the bubbler to the ozone generator. The inner stem has pore diffused at the bottom and the gas will pass through the liquid in the bubble. Once it bubbling in the liquid, it will leave the container and enter the so-called “destroy the ozone layer.” It fills the ozone destruction process with a carbon-based catalyst. This will neutralize excess ozone so it does not diffuse into the air.

The third hose also submerged in water and is used to extract the ozone water in the cup. Squeezing the hose into the destruction unit. The same third hose is used to fill the container with water. The system allows the use of ozone-containing water without escaping ozone into the air.

Ozone Oil bubbler
This system allows you to produce ozone oil with no ozone leaking into the air. The 500 ml glass flask is ideal for home use and comes with all accessories.



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