O3 Sterile Laundry

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Product introduction and principle
The O3 Sterile Laundry. The water purifier is an ecological device for semi-professional and residential environments. They design it softens water and add ozone to cold water to disinfect water and its laundry.
By sterilizing, disinfecting, and purifying water, it is perfect for your water treatment.
The O3 Sterile Laundry device introduces permanent magnets to soften the tap water. Adds ozone to the water through venturi induction. It also uses a static mixer to mix the ozone in the water. To ensure an appropriate ratio of gas and liquid got.

The main function of the water purifier:

  • It dissolves ozone in water for sterilization
  • Soften water with electromagnetic waves
  • You don’t need a chemical disinfectant
  • Environmental, friendly
  • Intelligent low consumption

Price: $599.00 $499.00



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