Insufflation Bags


Price: $64.00 – $179.00

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O3 inflatable bag
You can fill the ozone injection bag with a variety of ozone in 200, 400 and 750 ml. The amount of ozone can change by pinching with your fingers. The ozone blow-in bag has Leur Lock attachment, so it can connect to the ozone generator and silicon tubing. It dispenses ozone from the bag by compression (rolling the bag). Don’t wrinkle Insufflation Bags, because the bag breaks faster than when rolled up.

Main feature:

  • 3-cavity bags: 200, 400, 750 ml
  • Airbag made of ozone-resistant PVC
  • Male Luer lock attachment for an easy connection
  • Adjustable clip prevents ozone from leaking from the bag

Price: $64.00 – $179.00



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