As we know, Spain is in the southwest of Europe, bordering the Mediterranean. Countries near Spain include France, Andorra and the Bay of Biscay; we can find everything in northern Spain. In the west and northwest of Spain, the elements next to it are the famous Atlantic and Portuguese.

It should call the official mentioned Spain the Kingdom of Spain, with the city of Madrid as its capital. One of the most famous visitor interests in the state. Spain is the second largest country in Europe, bordering France with the capacity of ​​560,000 square meters. The three most popular cities are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Often describe the climate as diverse, because of its geographical location and the country’s topographical conditions. The climate here varies from place to place, and rain may occur in the Spanish mountains than the Spanish plains. Another interesting fact in the country is the length of its coastline, which covers 8,000 km of Spanish land.

Spanish is the official name of Spain, but variants of different dialects. They understand them as Catalan, Basque, and Valencian and Galician.

The current Spanish monarch is King Juan Carlos el Primero. In 1978, the Spanish government delivered a speech on the parliamentary monarchy. The country’s parliament has a bicameral legislature and the Spanish Prime Minister leads its Council of Ministers.


Catholicism is the main religion visible in the country, but Protestants, Jews, and Muslims appear in the country. Gypsies, thousands of them still live in here.

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The rest of the world, flamenco known as the traditional Spanish dance, but in Spain, it does not stop there. For them, flamenco involves other forms of art, such as singing and playing guitar, besides part of the dance.

Football plays an important role in the life of Spaniards. They introduced the sport to children from an early age. Because Spain, the football teams of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are very famous over the world. Madrid is home to three great Spanish football teams.

When driving on the streets of the country , foreigners must carry international driving licenses? But if you are from an EU country, it counts your driver’s license. If you are under 18, driving in the country is illegal.


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