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How You Can Conclude Real vs. Fake Diamonds

Diamonds: Fog Test

Hold your diamond with two fingers and breathe it. If true, a small volume of fog will form in the diamond for moisture and heat in the breath. If it takes a few seconds, the fog will disappear, and if it disappears, you will get a fake diamond; the diamond is real.

Water Test

Find a medium-sized water cup to fill the road. Put your diamond in the glass. If the gem sinks, the real game. If it floats on the water, there will be fake and shoddy products on hand. Through this water test, authentic diamonds can find high-density diamonds.

Imagine this, you get home from making a large buy of investing in diamond jewelry, only to discover they duped you for a lookalike. A distrust many people have faced both knowing and unknowing. We listed tips and tricks to identifying whether your diamonds are the real exchange or a lookalike.

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Evaluation Setting

For diamonds that now placed in the configuration, check the mount in use. High-quality jewelry such as gold or platinum in real diamonds. Check the mark inside the band or jewelry. Check marks such as 10K or 18K to show the gold being used. If says PT or abbreviated platform, use platinum material. If you see the stone engraved with “CZ”, cubic zirconia instead of a real diamond.

Shatter Test

Real diamonds are very strong and do not react to high temperatures. To use the shatter test, use a drinking glass and fill with cool water. Use fire-resistant gloves or plyers to grab the stone. They then heated the gemstone with a lighter for 40 seconds and placed in water. If you mix stones with weaker components, not a real diamond. Real diamonds have nothing with this test. Because diamonds are the most durable materials known to man, heat does not affect them.

Refraction testing with light and reflection at home

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Point Test

On a flat surface place a piece of white paper and draw a small dot with a ballpoint pen. Place the flat side of the stone below the point. Watch the tip of the diamond, if you see in the gem that looks a circle; it’s not a diamond. If you can’t grasp the points/reflections drawn on the stone, you can get real diamonds. The quality of the refraction in a diamond helps the light bounce in several directions instead of a straight path.

Spark Test

Place the jewel under the light. Check how the light reflected on the stone. If you perceive a bright white light flashing, you will get a real diamond. True diamonds show white and colored light, causing their brightness.

Expert strategy for checking diamonds

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Magnifying Glass

Please visit your local diamond specialist for this test. The examiner will use a professional tool called a magnifying glass to magnify to create the gemstone. Under the curve, the examiner will show minor inclusions to make sure that the diamond is authentic.

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Use the “Diamond Tester,”

Diamond experts or gemologists often use professional-grade thermal probes to calculate the general thermal conductivity of different gemstones. Since diamonds are excellent thermal conductors, real diamonds release heat when heated. If the heat dissipation rate is slow, it can display the diamond as false. You can use a practical tester as a diamond tester for home visits to websites, Amazon or other online retailers.

Electric Conductivity

Conductivity is an effective way to find real or fake diamonds. Test is stronger if performed by a gemologist. We understand diamonds are one of the most eye-catching gemstones. Real diamond experts will confirm this.

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Real Diamonds and Moissanite

Using A Microscope

To prove this test, you must have a microscope with a magnification of 1,200. Jewelers can use this device, which magnifies the impurities and inclusions of stones. The test can discover if real or moissanite.

X-ray Inspection

This test requires sending your gem to a professional inspector for analysis. Gemologists will use advanced X-ray machines. They know whether calculus has radiolucent molecular formation compared to radiopaque molecule formation. True diamonds will result cause formation of radiant rays rather than counterfeiting.

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Can I use the “scratch test”?

We do not recommend this method because gemstones such as cubic zirconia and moissanite have high durability. Like a diamond, it can lead to confusion and false results. We recommend using other test methods to make sure authenticity.

Finding synthetic diamonds and alternative diamonds

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Diamond Against Cubic Zirconia

For its similar nature, easy to confuse cubic zirconia with diamonds. Use the brightness test, but check the brightness to give you the answer you need. Cubic zirconia emits an orange hue in the light, separating them from the real diamond. They are heavier than real diamonds.

Diamond Against The White Sapphire

Because sapphire has white and blue, etc.; it often confuses them with real diamonds. White or vibrant sapphire does not release the same contract of light and dark diamonds. Blur color or low-quality brightness is a key feature in determining the pre-diamond sapphire.

Diamond Against Moissanite

Known as one of the closest replicas of real diamonds. Synthetic moissanite is a better alternative to diamond professionals. But, the conductivity test can figure if your jewel is moissanite, not a real diamond.

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Diamond On A White Topaz

Overall checking white topaz is the best way to distinguish diamonds. Compared to diamonds, topaz has a softer manifestation and can etch or scratch. You can use a magnifying glass to see the scratches on the gems. If found, Topaz looks as if the diamond has no scratches for its long-lasting makeup.

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