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How to sew a men short sleeve shirt

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Have Knowledge in basic pattern making? Then you can save some extra money by doing men short sleeve shirt pattern making and sew your project by yourself. You can be proud of yourself after seeing the result your shirt has a good fitting and likened by your clients or any member of your family.

There are two types of sewer:

1. Tailor / Dressmaker – This involved making garments complete by sewing by himself/herself individually. They are paid to make a whole shirt/dress by themselves. They know the pattern making. Their clients are individual people who patronized made to measure and made for the exclusive.

2. Sewer by operation – this process is mostly done in a garments factory that makes bulk production. The work process is distributed by an operation. Meaning every machine operator has a single operation assigned to them to work on that operation. Ex; collar making, collar attachment, placket making /attachment, sleeve making and attachments and so on.

Here I want to elaborate basic and standard sewing operation process on how to sew short sleeve men shirts. See image

How to Sew

We assumed that the fabric already been cut, top collar and top collar band already fused.

First, Ensure that the bottom of the collar band remain open, Under collar band will be attached to the right side of the neck and the right side of the collar band will be the closing attached to the wrong side of the body shirt.


Attached back yoke top and under at top back seam, pressed seam properly to become flat without puckering.

Double fold front plackets left and right, topstitch 1/14″  finished at left and 1″ topstitched at right pressed them properly with a steam iron. another option is without topstitch.

Join back and front shoulder; join first top back yoke and front yoke. The last to join is under the back yoke by reversing of the front and top back yoke then the first stitched will be your guide to stitch the shoulder seam. Turn back and pressed again.

How to make a shirt

Hem the sleeve and check front and back part, usually front have one notch and two on the back. Locate the center of a sleeve at the sleeve cap. You can find these by folding the sleeve, same also with the body the center armhole at the shoulder fall on the back yoke side because the standard shirts have drop seam of 1/12” or 2”. Make sure the notch of both pieces is aligned perfectly to avoid puckering. Check first or walk through both sleeve and body seam and make sure they are the same distance.

Sewing a men short sleeve shirt

Join front side seam and back side seam all through the sleeve hem. Tack the sleeve edge after three threads or five thread sewing.

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Apply front pocket if required. Bottom hem as required and apply button sew and attached button that matched the color of the fabric. Pressed again have a quality check and decide it’s done. McCall’s Patterns Sewing Men’s Shirts.

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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