Matcha Tea
No, this isn’t another lecture about eating only fresh foods and cooking everything from scratch!  It’s a nice thought – but never going to happen for most of us!

Don’t cut out – add in!

Instead of struggling to cut out calorie-rich foods to achieve weight loss, scientific research into obesity treatment. Now says it can be more effective if you just add in the naturally weight-reducing Camellia Sinensis teas to your regular diet!

Scientific proof

The good news that unfermented and partially fermented green teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant have special powers is no secret. But for the doubters, it was never completely clear how they worked.

However, it has all been investigated, checked and double-checked in many international studies on human subjects.

The substance that changes the way your body processes sugars, fats, and fatty tissue. Has now been clearly identified as catechin-polyphenol.

Your own personal fat-fighting team

The big four Obesity-blocking teas are Green tea, Pu-erh tea, Oolong tea and White tea. When taken together in an synergetic blend, which intensifies their potency. They form a highly trained fat-fighting team with ten-times the strength of the individual teas!

Why doesn’t everyone know about this?

You would at least expect it to be announced on the daily news channels!

The reason is simple. Natural products that cannot be licensed to one pharmaceutical mega-company. Sold as an expensive, branded weight-cutting drug don’t make the huge profits that drug-companies are after.

Check the facts for yourself!

Oolong Tea

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But if you check online you can read the solid proof published by many international studies on how the four teas act to rid the body of excess fat.

Catechin is an excellent clinically-proven treatment for obesity.

You only have to drink a blend of catechin-rich Green, White, Oolong, and Pu-erh tea every day, to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently!

Suppresses appetite and limits new fat-cells

Many people have already heard about the thermogenic or increased fat-burning properties of certain plant-derived foods.  However, the over-riding benefit of drinking a blend of these teas is that each tea also has additional weight-controlling properties:

Oolong tea – breaks down fat stores and suppresses appetite

Pu-erh tea – optimizes your digestive system in a way that drains out fatty substances as unnecessary fluid, before it can be stored as excess fat.

And Pu-erh regulates digestion so your stomach feels full and satisfied for longer after meals.

White tea – also breaks down and flushes out excess fatty tissues from any part of the body. Amazingly, it stops your body from making new excess fat-cells in the future!

Naturally superior

No wonder the pharmaceutical companies are trying to sideline these health-promoting, weight-controlling teas. They have been trying to produce a medical weight-loss/weight-control drug that’s safe for long-term use for many years. Have invested millions of dollars in their own products.

Effective – Synergy increases the potency of 10-times, making fat-loss automatic and permanent, even if you eat hamburgers and fries at every meal!

Safe – It’s the best way to cut out all of the extra calories your body doesn’t need a 100% natural and safe way.

Eat well – get slim – be happy!

Leave it to the catechins to repel, break-down, burn-up, flush-out and keep out – those fatty extra calories!

It’s the 21st century way!

Kou Tea is a deliciously aromatic, synergetic blend of the finest Green, White, Oolong and Pu-erh teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant.  Kou Tea is conveniently packaged in tea-bags, making it easy to enjoy its light and refreshing flavor at home, at work, and on any occasion. Calories

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