Japan Travel and Tours

photo by david-edelstein on unsplash

The following is a basic introduction to the Japanese immigration travel and tours system. Please contact your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate in Japan or the immigration bureau in Japan for official advice. All foreigners, including foreign residents, must fingerprint and take photos when entering Japan to prevent terrorism and other illegal activities. People under… Continue reading Japan Travel and Tours

The Japanese Best Tourist Places and Attractions

Many foreign visitors often go to Japan because only a few Japanese individuals can talk English. However, Japan is a great country, and the Japanese are influential people. Before buying a ticket to Japan, know that Japan is an expensive place to travel. The cost of living is high. You have at least 5,000 yen… Continue reading The Japanese Best Tourist Places and Attractions

The Latest Travel Advisory of Coronavirus Outbreak in Japan

The Japan outbreak of the coronavirus has had a major impact on Japan’s tourism industry. The country’s border still closed to international tourists. There is no sign that the border will open to many tourists soon. Their current state of tourism: The border almost closed. Domestic situation: Even the virus has not spread in Japan… Continue reading The Latest Travel Advisory of Coronavirus Outbreak in Japan

Learn Japanese Language Online

Many people hesitant to learning the Japanese language. They think attending a class expensive and complicated to attend a class with their busy times. Excited to learn the language and willing to learn if given the chance. The online courses to learn the Japanese language done from your own place and time. The advantages brought… Continue reading Learn Japanese Language Online