1. Always buy and wear the right clothes

Today, too many people wear clothes that are too big or too little to fit their size. You should wear clothes that suit you even if overweight or small. When buying a dress, T-shirt, skirt or any clothing, best to let the salesperson check if the clothes fit. Having a stranger will be a better judgment, see and make sure your clothes fit! To be smart means being able to wear fitted clothes!

2. Wear dark clothes

Smart people wear dark clothes. This is because dark colors represent wisdom, intelligence, and strong personality. Black and dark blue often show a smart person. Bright colors, such as pink or purple, often mean different. Black and dark blue will make you view slimmer and taller. So, wearing these colors will make you view smarter.

3. Wear black or brown dress shoes

If you are a man, always buy black or brown shoes. If you are a female, you can buy black or brown dress shoes with high heels. These shoes make you smart, but they make you see more formal and elegant.

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